What we do

The Key role of Hafnia-Energy is to develop renewable energy projects based on customer requirements for production capacity and on the specific local conditions. We are engaged in project development and execution of wind farms projects. We design the best and most competitive offer based on Hafnia-Energy’s very high standard of compliance throughout the project cycle from identification to operation.

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  • Project identification and understanding of wind resources
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Securing land and establishing access to Capital
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Obtaining licenses and permit agreements
  • Technical micro-siting
  • Negotiation of Power Purchase Agreement and related documentation
  • Selection of EPC contractor and negotiation of the EPC contract
  • Training of wind turbine technicians
  • Delivery of the equipment
  • Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning of the wind park
  • Operation (support through a management agreement)

We offer a Turnkey model

Turnkey, where the completed wind farm is delivered by Hafnia-Energy to one or more of the local power producers, that are to be the owners of the Project. The project can be delivered with a service that ensures the wind farm is sustainably managed before the electricity companies gradually resume management and operations.

We work according to the following principles

  • Tailor-made solutions based on the local context including e.g. local infrastructure and available technical capacity.
  • Value addition to our clients and investors
  • Securing land and establishing access to Capital
  • Local ownership
  • Establishing a consortium of the most experienced and technically suited international and local companies to construct the wind farm
  • Adherence to IFC standards
  • Ensure project sustainability through recruitment of wind turbine technicians trained by Vestas in Denmark and relocating to the location, on a service management contract if required.
  • The projects must be socially and environmentally sustainable.