Our team has broad Environmental and Social (E&S) experience across Africa and renewable energy technologies and is fully committed to meeting its environmental and social obligations, protecting the environment, and enhancing the communities in which we operate.  Our approach to the environment is based on minimizing environmental impacts and complying with all applicable environmental regulations and global best practices, including:​​

  • ​Prevention and mitigation of potentially significant project impacts.
  • Avoidance of projects that impact on any UN Tier 1 Critical Habitat Species.
  • Development of environmental impact offset strategies that provide a net gain to the community.
  • Employment of carefully selected environmental specialists to ensure the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable management of natural resources.
  • We are also committed to supporting project-affected communities and acting in a responsible manner with consideration to all relevant social factors, including:

– Local and international requirements regarding working time, non-discrimination, and child labour.​
– International Labour Organisation guidance and applicable IFC Performance Standards.
– Careful review and consideration of investments that require any form of economic or physical displacement.
– Supporting project-affected communities through local job creation and supply of reliable and sustainable power.
– Local and cultural community sensitivities, including comprehensive stakeholder engagement.