About us

Vision and mission

One of the biggest challenges the world is facing is climate change. We here at Hafnia-Energy know our responsibility in encouraging and developing green alternatives that would take us one step ahead in this fight against climate change. Therefore, it is our key priority to increase access to affordable, reliable and clean energy that will promote growth and bring long-lasting benefits in terms of employment, economic development, clean energy, and the country’s future development potential.

The Renewables provides the chance to leapfrog to a sustainable and prosperous future for all. There is a raising need for companies like Hafnia-Energy to step up and make a difference. The energy transition needs dedicated companies to reduce the CO2 and diesel emissions in the emerging and developing countries and also around the globe. Climate change is not far away, it is here, and now is the time to act and change things and make a sustainable, reliable and green future for the coming generations.

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Who we are

Hafnia-Energy consists of a team of highly qualified experts with vast international commercial experience in project management, logistics, insurance, and finance as well as direct experience doing business in Africa.


Per Krahn

Founder / Partner
From 1982 to 1989 Per was employed at Hafnia Insurance and in 1985 he graduated as Exam. Insurer from the Danish Insurance Academy. He worked as partner and independent insurance broker from 1989 until 2012 where he entered into a position as project director at Assens Shipyard. Since 2014 Per has been Partner at Fairwater Marine Broker. Per is co-founder of Hafnia-Energy, a company he formed together with Dualeh in 2016.


Thyge Poulsen

Thyge holds a MA in Political Science and has thirty years of experience in international development from Sub-Saharan Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. He has worked for UN, the World Bank, Danida and COWI. Thyge has in particular managed projects within public sector planning and service delivery in different sectors including environment, renewable energy and inclusive economic growth.


Klaus Roennow

CTO ( M.sc Eng / EBA Finance )
Klaus (M.Sc Eng / EBA Finance ) Today CEO in Wind N Solar Implement Solution M.PTY Johannesburg. Klaus have been in renewable business for 17 years. Responsible for more than 1 GW installed capacity globally of Wind Power and Solar Power. Worked in Vestas and Siemens Wind Power for in total 12 years. Involved in numerous of RE development projects. Strong technology knowledge within process and renewable energy. Biomass and waste to Energy.